The Piatt Opera House was built in l873, by William B. Piatt, on Bridge Street. The building consisted of three rooms on the first floor, offices and town hall on the second floor, storage space on the third floor. When this building burned in l929, it was replaced by one store building, which now houses B&R Distributors, Inc. 

The first moving picture ever exhibited in Wyoming County was shown here. In l9l0, the price of admission to a motion picture show was l0 cents for adults and 5 cents for children under l2 years of age. In the gallery, the price was 5 cents for everyone.

Info taken from the County Historical Society Homehttp://www.pawchs.org/ 

The Piatt Opera House is also mention in Robert L. Baker recent article about Gay's - read more about that at http://bit.ly/x6vAMc



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